hurricane waves sAs of 3-11-13, the Graybeards have received over 1000 donations. We have received donations of varying amounts from all over the country, from a child’s donation of $10 to the donation of the Robin Hood Foundation of $75,000. It’s true that every dollar counts! Fortunately, we have collected and distributed $1.4 million to date. The need to help people impacted by Sandy is still great. We have a number of open requests for assistance and hope to receive additional contributions.

Our commitment has and is to get these funds into the hands of Sandy flood/fire victims as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are very proud to report that we have helped over 1000 families who are trying to rebuild their lives.

100% of the monies donated to our Sandy relief effort has and will be given directly to those in need. All of the administrative costs of the Sandy fund have been paid by the Graybeards, the organization.

Requests for assistance keep pouring into our office. At this time, we are unable to provide financial aid to these people. We are however, keeping the requests on file. As new donations are received, we will review the requests and attempt to provide assistance to those in need. In the meantime, the Graybeards want to thank everyone who has contributed to our organization. By giving to the Graybeards you have demonstrated a trust in us and inspire us to continue our mission of “helping our neighbors in their time of need”. We take this trust very seriously. We are committed to continue to get your donations to the hundreds of needy families affected by Sandy.